Protection against unforeseen events including accidents, illness or even untimely death is essential to ensure that there will be an income if you cannot work and that your dependents will be provided for.

At Farnham Financial Services we will take you through the different protection products available and advise you as to which is the most suitable. These products can be:

Life Assurance:

Life assurance provides peace of mind in the event of premature death and protects income and assets for your family. We have a selection of products to suit your individual needs to include Level Term Cover, Convertible Term Cover and Whole of Life cover. Links : Eagle Star

Serious Illness:

Serious Illnesses such as Heart Disease and Cancer occur all too frequently. Serious Illness cover provides a lump sum payment in the event of the life assured being diagnosed as suffering from any of the illnesses specified by the particular policy.

Income Protection:

Your income is your most important asset – are you protecting it? How long would your savings last if you were to draw on them every month to cover the cost of day to day living? Income protection guarantees an income in the event of you being unable to work due to injury, accident or long term illness. Links : Friends First


Mortgage Protection:

Mortgage protection is an essential requirement nowadays and is a term assurance policy normally required as security for your mortgage. This can be arranged either on a reducing or level basis and can incorporate serious illness cover, etc., as required.

Business Protection:

Protecting your business against financial loss is vitally important. At Farnham Financial
Services we
will help you identify the risks which could affect your business and recommend an appropriate level of insurance protection to ensure that your firm will survive an unexpected event. The most common types of cover used are Partnership Insurance and Keyperson Insurance.


Life Cover Protection Calculator


If you have any queries please contact us today and we will assist you in any way we can.