savings & investments

Management of surplus income is an ongoing challenge and as we all know, your living expenses will always grow to “soak up” surplus cash unless you are disciplined enough to commit to regular savings. Over the last few years many of us have discovered just how simple it is to put a little bit away every month with an SSIA. Now that you are in a savings habit, it is always wise to continue to save for the future.


We at Farnham Financial Services will advise you on all aspects of both lump sum investments and regular savings, taking into account:

We often think that a deposit account is the safest place to put our money. However, while it may do nicely for your short term savings, interest rates on most deposit accounts are currently not keeping pace with inflation and in real terms the purchasing power of your money can be eroded over time.

When you are investing for the long term, it is important that you have the freedom to choose how and where to invest your money and the option to change your investment choices whenever you need or want to. With this in mind, Farnham Financial Services will construct a balanced well-diversified investment portfolio for you.

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